Whitney Houston – the passing of a legend

The news of the death of Whitney Houston sent shockwaves around the world. The singer of the all-time favourite hits like ‘I Will Always Love You’, ‘How Will I Know?’, ‘The Greatest Love of All’, and many more died in the hotel where she was supposed to attend the 2012 Grammy Awards and early investigations and speculations said that she drowned in her bath tub of the hotel room.

Houston is regarded as one of the legends in the music industry and was primed for the bright lights when she came into the scene with her ‘good girl’ image then. Her attitude began to change around the late 1990s after he marriage to Bobby Brown, of whom many believed to be her influence that took her into her drug addiction. She started missing interviews, performances and even lost her voice in recent years.

But all the negative publicity seemed to have been put to rest when she finally divorced Brown and the critics began to take her seriously again where she started working on a comeback. While her latest album was not as good as many would wish it to be, it was a positive move towards the right direction for Houston.

How she died is still a mystery and speculations can go on forever but one cannot deny that Houston has left behind a legacy which is irreplaceable. Her high tones and soothing voice remains the envy of others and an inspiration to the modern singers like Christina Aguilera and her songs will always create waves everywhere. ‘I Will Always Love You’ remains to be one of the top tracks ever to grace any airwaves and it remains so ever since ‘The Bodyguard’ was released. To Whitney, the world was at her feet, and it was rightly so, she passed on to early and may her soul rest in peace.

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