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Lover Revealed

Author: J.R. Ward

Book four in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series; this erotic paranormal novel covers six “brothers” who are actually huge, tattooed, and tormented vampire warriors who protect other vampires from the evil Lessers – de-souled humans in the evil Omega’s empire. No human are allowed to be part of the Brotherhood’s world except for Butch O’Neal, vampire Vishous’s flatmate.

Butch is in love with an aristocratic high status vampire, Marissa, but they are unable to do anything about it because of… well, the vampire thing. Seemingly cursed for life, Butch sacrificed himself to save a civilian vampire from the Lessers only to be caught, tortured and left for dead. A twist of fate allowed Vishous to find him and brought him back to safety. As his life hangs by a thread, the Brotherhood called Marissa to bring him back to life. But will her love be enough to save Butch?

Every Breath You Take

Unforgettable characters, riveting plotlines and sizzling hot romance are trademarks of author Judith McNaught but still her style reminds me so much of Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Both writers use an ordinary looking woman, whom men sees as gorgeous at certain angles, with everyday problems – rent, career, relationship and the like. But where Phillips would use the alpha athlete male, McNaught goes down to the most important bit – the attentive male who will protect you no matter the cost but is an alpha in his chosen profession.

In this book, tycoon Cecil Wyatt’s family has been plagued by tragedy ever since the family reconnected with displaced family member – Mitchell, who was born out of wedlock due to his father’s illicit affair with his secretary. In just a mere few months, Mitchell’s father, Edward, plunged to his death from a balcony, while half elder brother, William goes missing and was presumed dead.

After his introduction to the family’s friends at Cecil’s 80th birthday party, he goes to Anguilla to check on the progress of his house (that’s being built) only to meet up, accidentally, with a somewhat vulnerable Kate Donovan at a hotel when she spilled a Bloody Mary on him. Instead of getting angry, he asked her out on a date that began a two-day unforgettable, whirlwind romance. The romance of a lifetime was interrupted when a witness goes forward implicating Mitchell for William’s death. Will they ever be able to return to each other’s arms?

Unleash the Night

Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

The Dark Hunters are immortal warriors who had pledged to Greek goddess, Artemis, to dedicate their lives to defending mankind against daimons (vampires) and other enemies. Unleash the Night is the ninth book in the series by the award-winning yet dyslexic Kenyon.

Marguerite, the suppressed daughter of a wealthy senator, has little interest in the socialite life her father wants her to be part of. When she and her friends go to a bar called Sanctuary, she finds herself attracted to the weird busboy, Wren. Though the attraction is mutual, it was also dangerous as Wren is an outcast even in his own world – a hybrid were-animal.

The couple defies the odds by refusing to accept that they cannot be together. Written with such character depth and vulnerability, the loner Wren and the ultra feminine Marguerite unwittingly invites chaos into their lives just by acknowledging their love for each other.

The Darkest Kiss

Author: Keri Arthur

Set in Melbourne, Australia, this is the sixth title in author Arthur’s Riley Jensen, Guardian series. In a world where vampires and other such beings dare to reveal themselves, the government had decided to set-up a new policing force to take care of cases that includes these beings. They are called the Guardian.

Riley Jensen is different from the rest as she is a half-breed – half vampire, half werewolf, giving her that extra advantage over others like her. Her day started off normal, if you can say shifting into the form of a seagull normal when she was called to investigate the death of a VIP that sets off a trail of dead bodies.

But the case took a chilling turn when a second killer begins his own trail of murder – a vampire killing other vampires. Riley has the ability to solve both of these cases on her own but matters got complicated when someone close to her was attacked. She must separate logic from emotion if she is to succeed in capturing the killer.

Garden Spells

Author: Sarah Addison Allen

The Waverley sisters, Claire and Sydney, come from a long line of gifted Waverley women in Bascom. Claire manifests her gift through cooking by using edible flowers that affects the eater in curious ways. Meanwhile, elderly relative Evanelle goes around town giving people things they might need later but it’s not a matter of giving things simply. Evanelle just knows that they would need it sooner or later.

Just like the night when Claire returns from a party she catered, where she met her amorous neighbour, only to find Evanelle sitting on her porch with some fresh bed linen. “I couldn’t get to sleep until I gave this to you,” she says before leaving. The next day found estranged sister, Sydney, arriving home after leaving for a good many years; turning Claire’s life upside down. Together again in the same house they grew up in they find that they must repair the rifts that tore them apart if they are ever to feel at home in Bascom and in each other’s hearts.

Enchanting and captivating, this novel weaves a special magic of its own to captivate readers… without the help from that weird apple tree in the Waverleys garden.


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